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Re: conjunction types

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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 22:03:01 -0500
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Would you limit this to cases in which the lexical spaces of the 
"conjoined" types are disjoint?  I think you have to.

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        Subject:        conjunction types

At XTech, I asked a question about whether conjunction types might be 
considered.  I thought that I had put a message in the comments log on my 
thoughts on this, however it seemed to only get into the
help file that I published.

The following facets would seem to address quite a few constructs that 
appear within Schema for Schema and a few things like multiple, 
disjunctive value ranges from


The <or> facet is satisfied if any of the contained facets is satisified.


The <and> facet is satisified if all of the contained facets are 


The <nor> facet is satified if none of the contained facets are 
satisified.  A <nor> with
a single contained facet is used to perform a not operation.


The conform facet is satified if the lexical representation would be 
to the specified datatype.


For this to work right, <enumeration> needs to become a container of 
elements which will make it logically equivalent to all the other facets.


<simpleType name="maxOccur" base="string">
                                 <conform type="non-negative-integer"/>


<simpleType name="noTeens" base="integer">
                                                 <minInclusive value="0"/>
                                 <minInclusive value="20"/>

<simpleType name="targetOrNamespace" base="string">
                                 <conform type="uri-reference"/>

<simpleType name="targetOrNamespaces" base="targetOrNamespace" 

<simpleType name="anyAttribute" base="string">
                                                 <literal value="##any"/>
                                 <conform type="targetOrNamespaces"/>
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