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Request for a HEX datatype

From: Arnold, Curt <Curt.Arnold@hyprotech.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 14:43:25 -0700
Message-ID: <00E567D938B9D311ACEC00A0C9B468730C7534@THOR>
To: "'www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org'" <www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org>
It seems that there is a need for a hex datatype in Schema datatypes.  In a situation where you have a high volume conversion of numeric values, the performance benefit from the simplier conversion
could be significant.

It is possible that you could add a hex datatype as a user generated datatype, but I would assume that generic RegExp code would not be as efficient as a built in validator and a type-aware parser
would not recognize that the derived class could be converted to a numeric type.  I would suggest a lexical pattern of Ox[0..F]*
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