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ANN: XML Schema Regular Expression Parser

From: Daniel Potter <dpotter@mitre.org>
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 14:17:23 -0500
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A working model of a regular expression parser designed to parse and
match strings based on the current XML Schema pattern definition is now
available at <http://www.xfront.org/xml-schema/>.  This is a Java applet
(Java 1.1) and will require a Java enabled browser.  It is still
currently a test, meaning that there are still bugs which have yet to be
fixed or even found.

Keep in mind the differences between regular expressions used in Perl
and regular expressions used to specify patterns in the XML Schema spec!
For example, the non-greedy operators aren't used (*?, +?);
backreferencing (\1) is unavailable, and others.

However, one known lacking feature is the \p{xx} forms.  Although the
parser will recognize \p (or \P) it will ignore it and move on, causing
the {xx} after it to be parsed, interpretting it as an {m,n} form.  This
in most cases will cause an error.

The source code is currently not available for general download, but
anyone interested can e-mail me (<mailto:dpotter@mitre.org>).

Try it out and see what you think!  Please send me any bugs that you
discover.  Thanks.

- Dan Potter
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