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 (reading version:  on 16th June)
  - I have dealt with defining proerties of numbers within a programming
 anguage.  It involves some suprising (to me, at least) complexities.  Two
 points occur to me when reading this- constrints on reals and problems
 mixing DateTimestamp/Duration.  I can give you reference to people who
 dealt with these issues in (excruciating) detail, if you so wish.


 >Real has the following constraining facets:
 >              maxInclusive
 >              maxExclusive
 >              minInclusive
 >              minExclusive

 Real numbers mapped into the computer domain (implemented on real
 have four boundaries, as there is a set of values that are
 indistinguishable from zero.  This means that there is the concept of the
 smallest non-zero magnitude for positive and negative numbers.  I
 this as three posible domains

 biggest negative <-------> smallest negative


 biggest positive <-------> smallest positive

 Theses considerations become important when doing comparisons - equality
 becomes a slippery concept. It may be useful to specifically declare he
 smallest positive and negative magnitudes.   We had fun with these when
 customers used reals for finacial amounts (which is against the law in



 Durations, and the elements forming durations (years, months, days, hours
 minutes, seconds) are all ZERO-based (ie the lowest value of each field is
 zero).  DateTimestamps, and their elements are not ZERO based (sort of
 ONE-based).  The prject I was on used the same textual representation for
 durations and datetimestamp and assumed some degree of equivalence.   This
 led to confusion and kludges.   Add to this that the size of a year varies
 with the year (what is the duration representation for 'a leap year'?),
 the size of one month varies with the month AND the year, and you have an
 implementation nightmare.  I reckon folks ought to do temporal mathematics
 on units no greater than the day.  Conversion to days from years and vice
 versa should be provided.  Arithmetic on dateTimestamps should be avoided


 This is probably old-hat to anyone with a computer science education
 I lack, so I dont know the proper terms - sorry).   As I said, they are
 minor points.  I like what you are doing.  I could wind up using it

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