Re: Argh...Entities

Paul Prescod wrote:
> MURATA Makoto wrote:
> > 
> > Now that schemata are in the XML syntax, they can be parsed by XML processors.
> > Thus, application programs can easily obtain additional information from
> > schemata.  We only have to allow XML schemata to have user-defined elements,
> > which may be used by such application programs.
> If a schema parses some date text to validate it then having the
> application do it again is inefficient and inconvenient. A schema could
> also use content model information to report breaks between content model
> chunks (if it "reported" non-terminals). This is incredibly convenient for
> application designers.

On the other hand, we cannot use SAX and DOM as is.  Existing XML infrastructure 
will not work any more.

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