Re: xml schema part 2: datatypes

Yes, good point.  Thanks!

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To:, Ashok Malhotra/Watson/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:  xml schema part 2: datatypes

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Issue (dateTime-lexical-representation): We need to spell out the various
SQL and ISO 8601 representations (e.g., CCYYMMDD and CCYY-MM-DD, etc.) in
detail here, or in a (non-normative) appendix. We may also want to support
additional formats e.g. neither SQL or ISO 8601 seems to support the
12/25/1999 format for date. A lexical representation for dateTime as a
collection of elements may also be desirable. This issue also applies
to [date], [time] and [timePeriod].

note that such additional formats may be constrained by locale. for example,
in europe we use DD/MM/YYYY format not MM/DD/YYYY format, making 01/03/1999
ambiguous (1 march 1999 or 3 january 1999) without locale-specific

i'm sure you were already aware of that, like.


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