Your comments on the XML Schema requirements document

This is in reply to your comments on the XML Schema Requirements document
sent on February 16.  Before anything else, let me apologize for the late
This is no excuse, but we have been busy with the design work and, you will be
happy to know, its going quite well.

You raised the following points in your note:

1. Need for multiple schema languages.
This point has come up a number of times but I am unclear as to its intent.
Would you like several different schema languages with different syntax and
identical power or would you like several languages that supported subsets
of the full schema functionality?  Could you clarify this please?

2. Section 5 point 3
We agree that this is not as clear as it might be and will attempt to reword it.

3. No mention of error handling under "Conformance"
Our feeling is that schema aware processors will include error-handling
and it is not necessary for us to standardize how errors should be handled and

We appreciate your input.  Many thanks.

All the best, Ashok Malhotra

Received on Friday, 9 April 1999 09:53:08 UTC