Xml & database

  how are you doing?
  i think i'm sending my question to the wrong section,sorry.. 
  i'm doing my graduation project and it uses XML & Oracle 8i...
  and it is about:
      - having any database described in an XML File then creating a new database in Oracle and inserting the XML data in it (using Java program)...
      - and dynamically doing the web enabled interface(querying) throw JSP that connects to the Oracle.
  and here is my question:
   i understood how to describe my data in an XML file and the tables in a hierarchical way but i can't figure out how to do things like Primary and foreign keys...? 
   is their a tool missing here that you advice me to use???

            ,thanks in advance
                              ,Michael Daniel

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Received on Thursday, 27 December 2001 19:29:55 UTC