Re: XPointer errors from XPointer schemes?

>>>>> "Bryan" == Thompson, Bryan B <> writes:

    Bryan> Colin, My interpretation was that a syntactic error in the
    Bryan> xpointer grammar would be reported as an error to the
    Bryan> application.  On the other hand, a syntactic error within
    Bryan> the scheme data production for a specific xpointer scheme
    Bryan> would cause that pointer part to be skipped and evaluation
    Bryan> would continue with the next pointer part.

    Bryan> At a pragmatic level, I do a two stage parse.  First the
    Bryan> xpointer grammar.  Errors in this parse are reported as
    Bryan> errors.  Second, the xpointer processor dispatches to
    Bryan> scheme-specific processors for each pointer part.  An error
    Bryan> from a scheme-specific processor (or the lack of a
    Bryan> scheme-specific processor for a scheme-based pointer part)
    Bryan> is treated as "not identifying a resource" and evaluation
    Bryan> continues.

That's exactly what I have done, but the recommendations all seem a
little vague to me.

    Bryan> That said, I expose a wider interface so that the
    Bryan> application can determine which pointer parts were
    Bryan> evaluated, which had errors, and which identified one or
    Bryan> more (sub-)resources.

That sounds like a good idea.
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

Received on Thursday, 24 February 2005 15:00:33 UTC