is "foo element(foo/1/3)" a valid xpointer?

I'm not sure who I expect to answer, but here goes.

Did we mean for the Framework spec to allow for a
shorthand (aka barename) along with more schemes?

I would have thought so.

In particular, suppose we want to point to element(foo/1/3)
but fall back to just pointing to the element with id=foo
if the element scheme isn't supported.  I'd expect to write
something like:

	href="mydoc.xml#foo element(foo/1/3)"

But reading the BNF at [1], it looks to me like Pointer
can be either a Shorthand or SchemeBased, but not both,
and SchemeBased consists of PointerParts that each
require a SchemeName, so I don't see how what I show
above can be allowed by this grammar.

[No, I don't want to go anywhere near the xpointer scheme,
so that is not an answer for me.]



Received on Tuesday, 15 April 2003 17:27:25 UTC