Re: 5.4.2 string-range()

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 11:54:03AM -0500, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
> The string-range() function is underspecified in several ways in the 
> XPointer CR. First of all, it is unclear what happens when there are 
> overlapping matches; e.g. I try to match "ABA" in the string 
> "ABABABABABABA". The spec says, "Each non-overlapping match can 
> contribute a range to the resulting location set. " It doe snot says 
> that each non-overlapping range *does* contribute a range to the 
> resulting location set.

  I think it's implicit, should be explicit if not.
My implementation returns 6 ranges.

> Furthermore it does not say that overlapping 
> ranges do not contribute such ranges. Finally, given a group of 
> overlapping matches it does not provide any hints as to how to select 
> the correct matches.

  I think the intent was that if 2 ranges A and B could be extracted
and that A is a subrange of B, the evaluation should only return B.
I base this on the the linking purpose, there is no need for example
to separate the 2 anchors of a given link if both are contained in the
same range. Of course extending this argument to the example provided
would maybe lead to return a single range containing the full "ABABABABABABA"
string. This would be more complex and possibly counter-intuitive
since for a lot of simple string matching patterns you would expect the
returned ranges to be of the size of the match.


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