5.4.1 range-to() very unclear; perhaps underspecified

Section 5.4.1 of the XPointer specification only addresses the case 
where the expression argument of the range-to() function returns a 
single location. It does not indicate what happens when that argument 
returns zero locations or more than one location. The correct behavior 
for each of these cases should be made explicit.

Furthermore, section 5.3.2 states that "The start point must 
<http://www.w3.org/TR/xptr/#dt-must> not appear after the end point in 
document order" Thus we must also ask the question what happens if the 
end-point provided by the arugment does come after one or more of  the 
start-points provided by the context node set? Is this an error? Do the 
start-point and end-point switch with each other? I see nothing in the 
CR that addresses this point.

Section 5.4.1 seems to implicitly assume that the expression argument 
always returns exactly one location which comes after all the 
start-points provided by the context node set. However, this would not 
be true in general. Clarification is needed.

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