comments on xpointer draft


reading through the latest xpointer draft (wd-xptr-19991206), i noticed the 
following points:

section 1.3:

in the definition of "resource", some of the text has been 

definition of "singleton": in my opinion, in terms of xml characters, all 
items in a list constitute a contiguous portion of a document, even if they 
could alternatively be represented by distinct tree nodes. is that my 
misunderstanding, or is the just the example not perfect? what about only some 
of a list's items? these are clearly non-contiguous, in the tree- as well as 
in the character-perspective. or is the term "singleton" only used as a 
characterization of single locations and not xpointers (which can identify 
location sets)? i am a bit confused here...

section 2.1.2:

in the last sentence, i think it should rather read " work with an XML 
document target...". otherwise i do not understand the sentence at all, 
because how would it be possible to declare an attribute's type in html, where 
everyhting is fixed by the spec?

kind regards,

erik wilde.

Received on Sunday, 26 December 1999 01:22:37 UTC