Comment on open issue link-events for XLink working draft

I'm not sure whether you are meaning to solicit public comments, but if you are, I'd put in my vote for attaching script events to links.  I don't know or understand all of the issues involved, but I have been much, much happier writing code for Internet Explorer than for Netscape Navigator, precisely because Microsoft made everything and its dog scriptable.  Scriptable links could be used in a really fascinating number of ways, and the ability to use XSL to select types of events might be very handy.  Just as "role" is meaningful, so "what happens when you spark an event" could be meaningful for application designers, and separating applications from data is getting trickier every day.  I'm not sure how you would get that without putting the script events at the level of XLink.

Dave Halsted

Received on Thursday, 23 December 1999 00:42:13 UTC