Unclear how xLink embed capability is supported

Hi folks,

I believe that the xpointer spec is deficient in addressing its support
of the xLink embed capability.  Namely,  if I create an xLink with embed
capability (show="parsed") and use an xpointer to locate a node within
the target XML document, what set of notes will be returned?  The spec
does not address this.  Matter of fact, the spec seems to suggest that
it does not support the embed capability.  In section 2.4 it states:

"XPointers are not a general query mechanism, they are a specification
of document locations."

Here's the bottom line.  I am sure that you support the xLink embed
capability.  My point is that the spec doesn't seem to describe how it
supports it.  /Roger

Received on Friday, 17 December 1999 08:29:29 UTC