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doctypedecl info item

From: John Boyer <jboyer@PureEdge.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 10:11:34 -0700
To: "Www-Xml-Infoset-Comments@W3. Org" <www-xml-infoset-comments@w3.org>
Hi John,

Although I'm happy with the preservation of notations and entity definitions
(esp. those for unparsed entities), the doctypedecl info item seems to be
missing the internal subset declaration.

For my purposes, it would be almost be sufficient to just have a block of
data containing the declaration.  I say almost because I need to reproduce
it in the canonical form, but it needs to be in UTF-8, whereas a block of
data may not be in UTF-8 if the originating document wasn't.

I don't know what to do about that, but in reality the thing that I feel is
missing is the type declarations for attributes.  The canonical form does
not need to preserve the content model so much as the information about
which attribute is an ID, since XPaths embedded in the canonical form may
cease to function properly without this information.

If this cannot be accommodated, it isn't the end of the world since we can
always recommend that the user prepend the DTD onto the canonical form
(putting the onus on the user to encode in UTF-8).

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