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XML fragments

From: <Marc.McDonald@Design-Intelligence.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 18:37:02 -0800
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I like what I see and have a single comment which is probably beyond 
the scope of the group, but I wanted to mention:

Have you considered combining fragments with some kind of XML query 
request and DOM?
The model would be an XML server accepts a request (could be DOM API 
instead of query) and returns the fragments requested to a DOM 
implementation. The DOM would only hold the elements requested from 
the server, but since it also would have the element structure it 
could ask the server for additional fragments on  demand.
Basically a version of DOM that integrates with a fragment source 
(server) to create an on-demand subset of the document from the 
Such servers could advertise their contents via their DTD (schema or 
any other standard form). This would a model for XML servers to be 
used through a DOM interface and a model for streaming XML.

Marc B McDonald
Principal Software Scientist
Design Intelligence, Inc
Received on Tuesday, 9 March 1999 21:37:51 UTC

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