Re: [xml-dev] version numbers and infosets

From: "John Cowan" <>

> > I find it completely reasonable to ask editors and other tools to 
> > support the line ending conventions of the files they're editing. I 
> > do this routinely on Mac, Windows, and Unix. I find it hard to 
> > believe that it is so much more difficult for mainframe programmers 
> > to do this.
> Talk to IBM, not me.

Have the original requester's for NEL at IBM been sounded out on which
solutions would be acceptable to them?  Would they find it more attractive
to build NEL into 1.0 (and therefore ultimately get universal support) rather 
than bifurcate XML and complicate things? 

Rick Jelliffe

Received on Friday, 26 July 2002 13:16:10 UTC