XML 1.1 Last Call Comments from the XSL WG

The XSL WG makes the following comments on XML 1.1.

[XSL]We find the extension to XML name and whitespace characters

[XSL]However, we find that the requirement for full normalization is
overly burdensome and introduces significant technical problems.

  - XSLT constructs result documents and therefore could be required to
    perform significant additional computation. For some normalization cases,
    it isn't clear that the additional computation is even well defined.

  - Even when new nodes are not constructed on the fly, they might be
    copied from different documents, which could potentially be a
    mixture of XML 1.0 and XML 1.1 documents with different
    normalization properties.

  - Intermediate result trees that might or might not be serialized
    would also need to be considered with respect to normalization

[XSL]In as much as the normalization requirement is transitively
applied from the Character Model specification and given our
objection[1] to normalization in that document, we cannot agree to the
mandate for normalization in XML 1.1 until such time as our issues
with the Character Model specification are resolved.

[XSL]The XSL WG wonders if the XML Core WG has a position on the
normalization of 1.0 documents to make them 1.1 compliant, and if so
what role do they envision for XSLT in that process?

                                        For the XSL WG,

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Received on Monday, 22 July 2002 11:11:49 UTC