RespondWith and OCSP

I understand the RequestAbstractType.RespondWith elements indicate what data 
items the requestor is interested in receiving in a result message and that 
a service is encouraged to honor these indications to the best of its 

Section 3.2.3 Element <RespondWith> has a table that is pretty much clear 
except for the row that contains the following:

OCSP <ds:X509Data> PKIX OCSP token that validates an X509v3 certificate that 
authenticates the key

If the "PKIX OCSP token" is a quantity that the service is meant to Respond 
With then what form does it take?

If the intent is to communicate a DER encoded OCSP ASN.1 type back to the 
requestor, should that not be specified in XKMS along with the markup that 
would carry it - presumably a new ds:X509DataType element of type 

Or should this row be in the forementioned table in the first place?


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Received on Tuesday, 31 August 2004 12:37:38 UTC