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Drafe 20th July

From: Hallam-Baker, Phillip <pbaker@verisign.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 19:34:26 -0700
Message-ID: <2F3EC696EAEED311BB2D009027C3F4F40D1CB079@vhqpostal.verisign.com>
To: "Www-Xkms (E-mail)" <www-xkms@w3.org>
    Atached is a revised draft. I have fixed the examples so they all
validate against the schema.
    I have not got round to syncing my certificates with the public keys in
the examples yet, I will do that next.
    In this draft the examples and the schema are authoritative. The
explanatory text needs some tweakage. The other thing to do is to rewrite
the protocols section so the security considerations are regularlized in the
manner outlined.


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