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Fwd: Announcement: W3C XML Key Management Activity Launched

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 09:41:46 -0500
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FYI: Here's the official announce that went out earlier...

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Dear Advisory Committee Representative,

W3C is pleased to announce the creation of the XML Key Management

    W3C XML Key Management Activity Homepage

The primary mission of the W3C XML Key Management Activity is to
develop an XML Specification that allows a simple client to obtain
key information (values, certificates, management or trust data)
from a Web Service.

This decision results from responses received during the Call for
Review period on the XML Key Management Activity Proposal.

The Call for Review is archived at:


The Activity Proposal is at:


There was one request for a change into the actual charter.

The objection concerned the decision to launch this Activity with a
royalty-free requirement, due to the fact that the terms of this
requirement were not clear to the Member.

The charter states that the Working Group is expected to produce a
specification that can be implemented on a Royalty-Free basis.
Putting licensing requirements in the charter raises awareness and
exposes issues earlier in the process, which makes better use of
everyone's resources.

To clear up any confusion that there may be, this does not add any
additional licensing requirements on Working Group participants.
It merely states a requirement on the nature of the specification
produced. A number of W3C working groups are now functioning
successfully with explicit RF requirements, including the XML
Protocol Working Group.

The XML Key Management (XKM) Activity launches with the following

        XML Key Management Working Group

which is chartered through November 2002.

The XKM Activity home page is at:


The Team effort initially allocated is .2 full time equivalent; per
the XML Key Management Charter, Joseph Reagle plans to spend 20% of
his time on the XML Key Management activity.

The creation of this Activity follows section 3.1 of the W3C Process


As stated in the Activity Proposal, the first meeting of the Working
Group will take place on December 9th in conjunction with the Salt
Lake City IETF meeting.


We thank those of you who have provided their input on the review.

for Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director;
Janet Daly, W3C Head of Communications

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