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RE: XKMS requirements - initial draft

From: <edsimon@xmlsec.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 14:46:13 -0500
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The XKMS Requirements state:

6. Coordination
The XML Encryption specification should meet the requirements of (so as
to support) or work with the following applications: 
  W3C XML Signature 
  W3C XML Encryption <---------------- Isn't this redundant here?, Ed
  W3C XML Protocol 
  Oasis XML-Based Security Services TC (SSTC) 

To ensure the above requirements are adequately addressed, the XML Key Management
specification must be reviewed by a designated member of the following communities:

  XML Signature WG 
  XML Encryption WG 
  XML Protocol 
  XML Schema WG 
  XML Core WG 
  Internationalization IG 

Regarding the first part, I've already indicated my interest in participating
in whatever effort is needed to ensure that XML Encryption works well with
XML Protocol (and XML Signature).

Regarding the second part, I volunteer, as a member of the XML Encryption
and XML Signature WGs, to be a designated reviewer of XKMS.


-- Original Message --

>Here is a first attempt at documenting XML Key Management requirements.

>attempted to include requirements from a variety of sources, including
>position papers and minutes from the July workshop, the activity proposal
>and proposed charter, and comments from the XKMS developer list.
>This should provide a good basis for discussion during the conference call
>next Thursday.
>Comments sent to the list before then would be appreciated as well.
>Frederick Hirsch
>Mike Just

Ed Simon
XMLsec Inc.

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