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RE: optional stuff (was Re: URL-level trust (was: Re: XKMS))

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Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 15:27:21 -0500
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As the author of RFC 2535, I strenuously object... :-)


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So we exclude any negotiation mechanism from the start. We do not
start off with an ISAKMP style message saying 'here is what I might
like to propose that we might do, do you have concerns in the matter
that you might like to discuss, perhaps over dinner and a bottle or
two of claret?'. If you implement the ISAKMP protocol in its entirety
you can have up to 6 round trips just to select the producer and 


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[1]	See RFC 2535 Appendix H subsection 23b. See also [2]
[2]	'On the use of spurious citations in sarcastic comments and
	the gullability of those who look them up', H. Beloc,
	To be published.
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