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RE: Draft working group thingie

From: Hallam-Baker, Phillip <pbaker@verisign.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 10:08:33 -0700
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Phillip Hallam-Baker FBCS C.Eng.
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> My main question is deliverables.
> I'd like a WG or two do to the following:
> 1. KISS - XML (namespace/schema) cleanup and extensibility.
> 2. KRSS - general cleanup.

I would add in X-BULK on the grounds that it is 
	(1) not a great deal of work 
	(2) has a significant user base
	(3) would exercise the extensability of KISS

> This seems to be calling for two other documents:
> 3. The cryptographic enhancement of XML Protocol Messages
> 4. Description of cryptographic enhancements in a Web Service 
> Description.

3 would be the signing and encryption of SOAP messages. 4 is simply the
observation that to be useful WSDL must allow interfaces to declare 'encrypt
this stuff, sign this stuff) etc.

I think that these are not work items for Working Group 1, they would be
suitable work items for a Working Group 2 formed after Working Group 1 has
largely completed work.

The one piece that would require some prior thought is the specific instance
of signing XKMS messages. This need not require the problem to be addressed
in the large. It would be preferrable however that Working Group 1 would
design something that would be useful later on to working group 2.


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