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CFP: AAAI'06 Workshop on AI-Driven Technologies for Services-Oriented Computing

From: Prashant Doshi <pdoshi@cs.uga.edu>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 08:57:17 -0500
Message-ID: <43F484BD.40509@cs.uga.edu>
To: www-ws@w3.org

The AAAI-06 Workshop on AI-Driven Technologies for Services-Oriented 
Full Day Workshop (Workshop Website: http://lsdis.cs.uga.edu/ai-soc)

Call For Papers:
Services-oriented  computing (SoC)  is an emerging  computing paradigm 
for distributed  systems  that advocates Web-based  interfaces for  the 
distributed  business processes  of any enterprise. The interfaces, 
called Web services (WS), hold the promise for diluting the 
traditional   challenges of   interoperability, inflexibility, and 
performance that have long plagued the traditional distributed systems. 
Historically, research in distributed systems has shied away from 
adopting relevant AI methodologies; they have been generally perceived 
as esoteric and computationally-intensive. However,  SoC research 
represents a  significant departure  from this line  of  thought,  and 
  presents  a  singular  opportunity  for  AI techniques  to enter  and 
pervade  this  emerging area.   From the AI researcher's perspective, 
SoC  represents  an  emerging  application testbed  with  its  own 
distinct  challenges  and  the  potential  to significantly impact both 
the industry and academia.

The goal of the workshop is to investigate the applicability of AI 
methodologies such as logic, theorem proving, search, planning, and 
probabilistic models to problems in SoC. In particular, AI techniques 
seem especially suited   to address the problems of WS description, 
discovery, binding, WS process composition and execution, semantics for 
WS, and related issues. They complement and supplement the existing 
approaches by bringing the much required mathematical rigor and formal 
analysis to the area.

We invite academic/industrial researchers and practitioners to submit 
original research papers, well-written surveys, or papers describing 
deployed systems to the workshop. The papers must not exceed 8 pages in 
length including references and should be prepared using the AAAI 
formatting guidelines. The papers should be submitted using the 
submission system on the workshop website. Each paper will be reviewed 
by at least 2 members of the PC. The topics of interest to this workshop 
include but are not limited to:

* WS representation and modeling using logics/calculi (zero-order, 
first-order, higher-order)
* WS description validation and consistency checking using inference 
rules and theorem-provers
* Representation of and  reasoning on WS negotiations, agreements, 
contracts, and quality of service guarantees
* WS composition, orchestration, and choreography through planning and 
* Self-aware, self-optimizing, and self-healing Web processes
* Probabilistic  reasoning  for  fault-tolerant  and  robust  Web processes
* Support for dynamic  and adaptive  Web processes  using machine learning
* Web process flow enactment using multiagent systems
* Conceptual inferencing for semantic WS using inference rules
* Ontology reconciliation (mapping, merging, and integration) for 
semantic WS using logical and probabilistic models
* Service knowledge propagation mechanisms
* Frameworks,  community,   and  deployment   architectures  for 
services-based agents
* Verification and analysis of services-based agent communities
* Intelligent  methods for management and  performance analysis of 
services on the Grid
* New AI application areas in SoC
* Deployed/industrial applications in SoC utilizing AI techniques

Paper Submission: March 31, 2006 Midnight PST
Decision Notification: April 24, 2006
Camera Ready Papers: May 15, 2006 Midnight PST

Organizing Committee:
Prashant Doshi
LSDIS Lab, University of Georgia
Richard Goodwin
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Amit Sheth
LSDIS Lab, University of Georgia

Program Committee:
Rama Akkiraju
Nirmit Desai
John Domingue
Michael Huhns
Vipul Kashyap
Joseph Kopena
Juhnyoung Lee
David Martin
E. Michael Maximilien
Sheila McIlraith
Muninder Singh
Rainer Unland
Kunal Verma
Mathias Weske

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