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Call for Short Papers: 2005 IEEE European Conference on Web Services - ECOWS 2005

From: Welf Lwe <wlo@msi.vxu.se>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 12:35:06 +0200
To: <www-ws@w3.org>
Cc: "Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin" <jp.martin-flatin@ieee.org>, Welf Lwe <welf.lowe@msi.vxu.se>

                   CALL FOR SHORT PAPERS and DEMOS

    2005 IEEE European Conference on Web Services (IEEE ECOWS 2005)

                 Vaxjo, Sweden, 14-16 November 2005

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Services

In cooperation with ACM SIGWEB


At the crossing of distributed computing and loosely coupled systems lies
service-oriented computing, which appears to many as the next important
step in distributed computing. When applications adopt service-oriented
architectures, they can evolve during their lifespans more easily and
better adapt to changing or unpredictable environments. When properly
implemented, services can be discovered and invoked dynamically using
non-proprietary mechanisms, while each service can still be implemented
in a black-box manner. This is important from a business perspective:
there is no need for customers to "choose their sides" anymore. Each
service can be implemented using any technology, independently of the
others. What matters is that everybody agrees on the integration
technology, and there is a consensus about this in today's middleware
market: customers want to use Web technologies, notably XML.

ECOWS 2005 will cover all aspects of Web Services, which constitute the
main technology available to date for implementing service-oriented
architectures and computing. The main objectives of this conference are
to facilitate exchanges between researchers and practitioners and foster
future collaborations in Europe and beyond.

In addition to the research and technical/business tracks, ECOWS 2005
will include poster sessions and demos for presenting ongoing work.
Prospective authors are invited to submit short papers and demo
proposals in any of the following areas:

  - Modeling of Web Services
  - Design of Web Services
  - Software Architectures for Web Services
  - Testing of Web Services
  - Composition of Web Services
  - Interoperability of Web Services
  - Orchestration and Choreography of Web Services
  - Management of Web Services
  - Scalability and Performance of Web Services
  - Security Aspects of Web Services
  - Trusting and Negotiating with Web Services
  - Web Service Discovery and Selection: Beyond UDDI
  - Business Process Integration and Management using Web Services
  - Web Services for e-Business
  - Web Services for Workflow Systems
  - Web Services and Mobility
  - Web Services for Grids
  - Web Services for P2P
  - Economics of Web Services, Pricing Models
  - Frameworks for Building Web Service-Based Applications
  - Comparison of Web Services and Grid Services
  - Formal Methods for Web Services
  - Semantic Web Services
  - Ontology Languages for Web Services
  - Quality of Service-Aware Web Services
  - Service-Oriented Architectures
  - Service-Oriented Computing
  - Life Cycle of Web Services
  - Integration of Web Services and Legacy Systems

Important Dates:

Submission deadline: 30 August 2005
Notification of acceptance: 19 September 2005
Final paper due: 30 September 2005

Details about the submission procedure are available on the website.
Short papers and demo proposals should be 3-6 pages long in Springer
LNCS style. They will be published online, on the conference website,
without transfer of copyright.

Business Sponsors:

Please contact Lars Hornborg <lars.hornborg@wscc.info>.

See you at IEEE ECOWS 2005, http://wscc.info/ecows2005, in Vxj, 14-16
November 2005.

Dr. Welf Lwe, Professor in Computer Science
School of Mathematics and System Engineering (MSI)
Vxj University, Sweden
Phone: +46(470)70 8495
Fax: +46(470)84004
Received on Friday, 12 August 2005 10:39:48 UTC

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