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Re: Basic Profile

From: Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 18:04:17 -0500
To: JRBoverhof@lbl.gov
Cc: Anne Thomas Manes <anne@manes.net>, www-ws@w3.org, www-ws-request@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF620307BD.CCB38B5C-ON85256E34.007AB2A8-85256E34.007EBB79@us.ibm.com>

Josh wrote on 02/08/2004 02:50:40 PM:

> This doesn't sound like a good solution to me, I think there are at 
> least four better
> ways of addresing this issue:
> 1. make it illegal

Make what illegal?

> 2. use the binding to define the namespace
> 3. Use the WSDL targetNamespace
> 4. Use the type namespace
> Would it be legal to use 'encoded' to specify no namespace for an xml 
> instance, and
> essentially define all of the elements in an instance w/o namespace?

Not if you're interested in BP conformance. The Basic Profile disallows
use of the WSDL encoded style.

> Can I use an XML Schema w/o a targetNamespace in a WSDL document?

No. See R2105[1].

> The question I'm driving at: Are rpc/literal wrappers the only exception 

> to a general
> rule that all elements in an instance are namespaced?


First off, there has been an errata published against BP1.0 [2]. R2737 has
been amended to make it clear as to the WG's true intent (it was actually 
incorrectly worded):

        R2737 A MESSAGE described with an rpc-literal binding MUST 
        qualify the descendents of part accessor elements for the 
        and the return value, as defined by the schema in which the part 
        accessor types are defined.

Secondly, I think that you may be confusing the requirement that a schema 
be defined in a schema that has a target namespace with the value of the
[target namespace] information item for any given element in an instance 
conforming to that schema.

For instance, if I changed the schema definition in the types
element in the example used in the BP1.0 spec for R2737 as follows:

   <xsd:schema targetNamespace="http://example.org/foo/"
       <xsd:complexType name="fooType">
                <xsd:element name="bar" type="xsd:string"/>
                <xsd:element name="baf" type="xsd:integer"/>

The corresponding SOAP message would be as follows:

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"
      <m:BarOperation xmlns:m="http://example.org/bar/">

Note that the child elements of the BarAccessor part accessor element are
not namespace qualified as defined in the schema that defines the type.

> thanks,
> -josh

[2] http://ws-i.org/Profiles/Basic/2003-08/BasicProfile-1.0-errata-1.htm


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