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Conditional in DAML-S

From: <charlie@semantech.org>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 05:04:28 +0800
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Is it possible, in the process model, to describe a service who's 
output/effects are conditioned by a conditional statement? That is, given a 
certain value for that condition an outputs/effect A is produced while given 
another value, an output/effect B is produced.
I know that there is the if-then-else construct but it is used in case the 
condition regards a choice between two processcomponeents and not 

The class Condition as described in the process model is still undefined since 
it is expected that DAML+OIL or OWL will be used to describe it more fully. 
Will this problem be solved by having a mathematical ontology that defines 
mathematical relations such as =, >, < etc? Or is it the case that rules have 
to be introduced to solve this problem?

The definition of the condtionaloutput and conditionaleffect in the process 
model is somewhat cumbersome to define. Since work is being done on the PAI 
model of DAML-S can such issues be tackled to make these more readable. It 
would be quite an advantage for both developer creating ontologies and tools to 
automatically generate them and also for the less expert user.

Sorry for the cluster of questions and await comments from you people.



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