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Service Disovery using DAML-S

From: Vikas Deora <v.deora@cs.cardiff.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 14:29:58 -0000
To: <www-ws@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000501c28bea$4f5788a0$bd2ffb83@comsc.cs.cf.ac.uk>
I had a query. I have to create a system, which can accept a request for
service from an agent. This agent will send me a DAML-S formatted
message, using FIPA-ACL protocol. This can either be an advertisement or
request for service. If it is an advertisement - than you have to add
the service to the advertisement database. And if it's a request for
service than you have to search for the appropriate services and return
a list of agents that can provide the requested service.
Thing is I am not sure of what I am thinking if it is right or wrong.
From what I have read till now it looks like, that the advertisement
database can be any database - can be Oracle , SQL, UDDI, XML based DB.
Basically the database will be used for the persistent storage of the
advertisements for services which are daml-s documents.
 Also you will need a DAML+OIL reasoner, this can be either FaCT, RACER,
Also you will need to develop service ontology - for which I am thinking
of using the JENA toolkit.
What I am thinking is once the message is received it will go to some
form of Matchmaking programs- written in Java - I think so - and it will
see if its an advt, it will simply add it to the database. 
service than it will use a DAML+OIL reasoner to check the ontology for
services for services which are not just syntactically similar but also
semantically mean the same. For example it can search for services which
can provide him with a stock quote service. But a stock quote service
can be provided also by someone who can provide financial service. Thus
both of these services name will be return to the matchmaking programs.
Now the matchmaker searches the advertisement database for services that
names are returned (in this case it is Financial service and stock quote
service) and return the name and description of all the agents who can
provide either of the services. 
Can you please comment on what I am thinking if it is right or wrong.
Also I am not sure if anyone has already written any programs to do
this. As I think CMU has this system running. I am not sure which
database should I use for advertisements and if it will support daml-s,
any recommendation will help. Also I am not sure on the DAML+OIL
reasoner to use, which can also interact with java programs. So any
comments will help a lot. 
Thanking you
Vikas Deora
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