RE: open transport protocol for aysnc web services?

>IMO, there is a serious need for a generic, standard asynch 
>messaging protocol that allows any type of message to be 
>routed.  SOAP-RP tightly couples the message routing 
>information to the message (e.g., the message routing 
>information is contained in the header of the SOAP message), 
>thus it is not a generic solution (only SOAP messages are 
>allowed).  APEX, on the other hand, allows arbritary messages.

SOAP-RP does inherently support intermediaries that can play a variety
of different roles extending to much more than simply routing. While the
SOAP protocol language itself is XML you can indeed support arbitrary
data using DIME.

>It might be a good thing for the SOAP community to clamor for 
>a more generic messaging solution than SOAP-RP and for to put 
>pressure on Microsoft, IBM, Sun, TIBCO, webMethods, et. al. to 
>try a little harder on a standard, generic asynch messaging protocol.

SOAP-RP supports a variety of underlying protocols, an open-ended set of
message exchange patterns, async messaging, and symmetric as well as
asymmetric message paths between peers. That seems pretty flexible to


Received on Friday, 13 July 2001 14:54:46 UTC