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From: Terry R. Payne <terryp@cs.cmu.edu>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 19:29:34 -0500
To: Charlie Abela <abcharl@maltanet.net>
Cc: www-ws@w3.org
    To clarify, the proposal page you stumbled across describes some
embryonic ideas regarding our proposed grounding spec at CMU, but do not
reflect the DAML-S coalition's view of the grounding, nor of David Butler's
proposal (which is separate to ours).  We've been looking specifically at a
multi-tiered model that addresses the content and how it is represented
within a message, inter and intra process communication (i.e. communication
between the service provider and requester, as well as communication between
processes themselves), and the binding to a transport mechanism (including
web-based mechanisms such as SOAP and HTTP, and Agent communication
languages such as FIPA ACL and KQML).  The grounding should not make
implicit assumptions about what transport mechanism is used, and hence
although you may have a point that a SOAP packet may readily contain a DAML
message, this assumption may not hold for other bindings.

I hope this helps,
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  Subject: DAML-S and SOAP

  Hi All

  I am currently conducting some research on web services vis--vis the
semantic web.

  I visited the site http://www.daml.ri.cmu.edu/ont/DAML-S/grounding/ were
there is an initial proposal regarding the grounding. There is also listed a
grounding.daml version authored by David Buttler. I know that these are not
a final draft but just initial proposals; nonetheless I am a bit perplexed
about any connection that these two documents might have.

  In the proposal (SampleOntology1.ps), Massimo Paolucci is defining a
message structure in which several fields define several aspects of the
message to be sent, including an example where the Encoding and Content
define a SOAP message with, I suppose, DAML content defined in some weather

  This I still dont fully understand since, to my knowledge, a SOAP message
can readily have any type of content inside its body. So why not wrap the
DAML message directly in a SOAP message instead of using the message

  What is also unclear to me is the way in which your daml grounding
proposal can be used with grounding.daml. Or are they meant to be two
complementary ideas?

  Can you throw some light on these issues please?

  Thanks for any help

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