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RE: Minutes, 18 January 2007 WS Description WG telcon

From: Jonathan Marsh <jonathan@wso2.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 11:40:21 +0530
To: "'Arthur Ryman'" <ryman@ca.ibm.com>
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Sounds harmless enough in theory.  But who would go through the spec adding
such assertions at this point?  Would it actually help any of today's
implementers, who are relying on schema validation as the first step in
assessing validation?  In other words, are you making a serious proposal or
an observation on what coherent states might have evolved in a parallel


I personally like the idea of assertions being minimal in number,
representing those constraints a WSDL author has to adhere to beyond the
"trivial" one of ensuring the WSDL is schema-valid.  That certainly seems
adequate for now.


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I'd like to comment on the discussion of CR 118. 

The current design of the spec is that we do NOT have formal assertions for
constraints that are enforced by the XML Schema. That just means we don't
have formal assertion numbers. We still DO have statements in the spec. The
schema is normative and implements the constraints stated in the spec. 

The question of APIs for the component model is beyond the scope of the
spec. An implementation is not forced to serialize the component model and
run an XML schema validator. It simple must enforce all the constraints
stated by the spec, many of which happen to checked via schema validation. 

One possible way forward is to leave the formal assertions in (and add
others) but assign them a type of "schema". At present we have several types
of constraint, e.g. "document" and "component". The document constraints are
typically thngs that deal with import and include, i.e. cannot be stated in
terms of the component model. A "schema" assertion would simple be an
assertion that is enforced by the nromative WSDL 2.0 XSD. However, for this
to be implemented, we would have to go over the spec and add assertions for
all the schema constraints. 

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Minutes, 18 January 2007 WS Description WG telcon




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