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RE: Minutes, 14 Sep 2006 WS Description WG telcon

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My impression is that at this point the only part of the HTTP binding that's at risk of being removed are the parts called out in the draft, namely the serialization of instance data in parts of the HTTP request IRI - the use of curly braces with the IRI style.

I haven't heard anyone who plans to implement the HTTP binding saying they won't also implement this part.  Is there any evidence to suggest this part (6.7.1) should be cut?  Is it just too early to tell?

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Subject: RE: Minutes, 14 Sep 2006 WS Description WG telcon


I think there is a lot of value in the HTTP binding because it closes the gap between what WSDL 1.1 could describe and what developers are actually using for things like AJAX. I'm sure this won't satisfy REST purists, but even the ability to use GET instead of POST is a welcome improvement.

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RE: Minutes, 14 Sep 2006 WS Description WG telcon

Hi Sanjiva

>> <pauld> sees more benefit in resource centric approaches such as WADL
>> for REST; WSDL 2.0 could be useful for people interested in POX

> WADL can waddle along and defined whatever they want. That doesn't mean we
> need to pull this out. If users don't want both let market forces decide
> the "winner".

+1 FWIW, I was trying to emphasise the difference between WSDL HTTP
which is great for describing messaging systems, but shouldn't get
mired by being sold as some kind of REST description language.

> WSDL's HTTP binding is not about REST! Its about describing how to
> exchange WSDL messages over raw HTTP without SOAP.


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