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Call for New Workshop Proposals : WETICE'2007, Paris France

From: Samir TATA <Samir.Tata@int-evry.fr>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:51:07 +0200
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15th International Workshops on Enabling Technologies:
   Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises
            GET/INT, Paris, France
              June 18-20, 2007

Co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

Call for New Workshop Proposals

WETICE is an annual international forum for state-of-the-art research in 
enabling technologies for collaboration, consisting of a number of 
cognate workshops. So far 15 WETICE conferences have taken place. What 
sets WETICE apart from larger conferences is that the workshops are kept 
small enough to promote fruitful discussions on the latest technology 
developments, directions, problems, and requirements. Each workshop 
includes paper presentations, workgroup discussions, keynote sessions 
and a final joint session to summarize each groups' findings.

WETICE 2007 is currently at the stage of soliciting new workshop 
proposals on a number of relevant topics, which complement the set of 
ongoing  workshops listed at www.wetice.org.

Proposals due by November 6, 2006

WETICE-2007 will consist of a series of individual workshops, each 
including paper presentations and working group discussions, with the 
exact format to be determined by the workshop organizers. In addition, 
there will be joint plenary sessions and a final session to summarize 
each group's findings. To avoid duplication of workshop topics, please 
see the list of ongoing workshops of WETICE.

The workshop proposals should focus on the infrastructures issues 
related to collaboration in diverse application domains. The following 
is a non-exhaustive list of relevant topics. Prospective workshop 
proposers may combine these and other topics into a coherent theme.

* Wireless Grids for Collaboration, Supporting Mobile and Ubiquitous  
* Lightweight collaboration tools for distributed teams
* Cooperative Computing
* Agents and Multi-agent Systems for Collaboration
* Models and Technologies for Collaboration in Virtual Environments
* Business Process Management, Workflow Management
* Coordination Architectures
* Middleware technologies for Collaboration
* Evaluating Collaboration: Usability, Reliability, Performance 
Evaluation,  and Benchmarking of Collaborative Enterprises
* Collaborative Ontology Development, Developing Process Ontologies for 
Semantic Web, Use of Scenarios in Ontology Development, Incremental 
Formalization in Ontology Engineering
* Models and Technologies for handling dynamics and complexity in 
complex collaboration environments (for example, technologies for 
supporting dynamic re-organizations, issues of self-organization, 
unpredictable and emergent behaviors, complex organizations, etc.)
* Security Issues in Collaborative Enterprise Technologies: (Secure 
grids, Trust and Privacy in Collaboration, Inter-Organizational Risk 
Management, Authorization and Digital Signatures, Communications and 
Multimedia Security.). Please note that these topics are part of the 
ongoing Enterprise
Security workshop of WETICE, and can be organized as a separate session 
within this workshop.
* Open source mode of collaboration, Success factors for open source 
projects Collaboration and Knowledge Management, Ontologies for 
collaboration, Metadata and Knowledge Engineering/Semantic Web for 
* Information modeling
* Engineering e-Business technologies
* Inter-Organizational Risk Management, Geographically Dispersed 
Outsourcing and Collaboration
* Web-based communities
* Lessons from the past research - taking stock of what has been done, 
what worked, what didn't work, what is not going to work, and what we 
should work on--based on the lessons gathered from specific project 
successes and failures from the past few decades of research in CSCW.
* Infrastructure for supporting collaboration through reuse -What has 
been done to support collaboration through building on other people's 
work? How
successful were the attempts to provide a clearinghouse of reusable 
components? Are attempts to reuse existing components misguided? If so, 
why? If not, what are the issues that prevent successful reuse? Can 
these issues overcome and if so, how?
* Awareness in CSCW -Various aspects of awareness


Workshop Proposals (maximum THREE pages long) should be submitted by 
November 6, 2006 to smreddy@mail.wvu.edu . The proposals will be 
reviewed by the WETICE Steering Committee with a response by November 
21, 2006.

Proposals should contain the full name, title, affiliation, postal 
address, e-mail address, and telephone/fax numbers of each proposer, plus:
* Credentials of the proposer(s);
* The topic/title of the proposed workshop;
* Description of the proposed workshop;
* The strategy for recruiting papers and the scientific review committee 
members for the workshop.

Workshop proposers, if selected to organize a workshop, will be 
responsible for (1) developing the workshop web site by November 28, 
2006, with a link to the main web page of WETICE www.wetice.org, (2) 
soliciting papers, (3) forming scientific review committee, (4) 
coordinating reviews (at least three reviews per paper are required), 
(5) corresponding with the authors and the WETICE organizer, (6) 
conducting the workshop in Paris, France on June 18-20, 2007 and (7) 
submitting the final workshop report to IEEE for inclusion in the 
Post-conference proceedings.

Organizer:            Sumitra Reddy, West Virginia University, USA 
Further Information:  www.wetice.org
Enquiries:            Please send all enquiries regarding WETICE to 

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