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RE: {rpc signature} REQUIRED when rpc style is not specified?

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FWIIW, sounds reasonable to me. 


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{rpc signature} REQUIRED when rpc style is not specified?


	AIUI, this fulfills AIs assigned variously to me and John
	Section 4.1.1 of the Adjuncts specifies {rpc signature} as a
required property.  Per our recent clarifications, this will appear in
the component model whenever the implementation supports the rpc
extension.  Thus, even if the {style} property does not include the
rpc-style uri, the {rpc signature} property will appear.  No default
value is supplied either. 
	Instead, I believe it would be cleaner to make the {rpc
property} optional, and state that when the rpc style is engaged, the
property MUST appear. 

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