Minutes, 26-27 Sept 2005 WS Description FTF

Full minutes enclosed.


Monday 26 September
  Issue LC315: HTTP binding: HTTP Header component's {element} property's declaration
    ACTION: Arthur to figure out how to treat built-in schema types.
    RESOLUTION: Proposal 1 from http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-ws-desc/2005Sep/0037.html accepted with the following amendments:
    - make it clear that the types are restricted to simple types
    - make it clear there are no angle brackets in the value (e.g. use
      lexical representation)
    - include the description of how to make a HTTP name (Jacek's email
      at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-ws-desc/2005Sep/0017.html) and put that in our schema
    - for the value of the header reference the HTTP specs and say that
      this has to be followed (e.g. line length, escaping)
    - remove mention of UTF-8.
  Issue LC321: SOAP binding: clarify that the lack {soap mep} value is
               an error
    RESOLUTION: Proposal at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-ws-desc/2005Sep/0011.html accepted.
  Issue LC326: HTTP binding: why is {http authentication scheme} an
    RESOLUTION: Proposed change accepted.
  Issue LC319: SOAP and HTTP binding: definition of {soap fault code}
               and wsoap:code
    RESOLUTION: Proposal at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-ws-desc/2005Sep/0012.html accepted.

  Issue LC339: Comments on WSDL SOAP Binding Extension section of
               Adjuncts from WS-Addressing WG
    RESOLUTION: add a 'required' attribute to wsoap:header and
                whttp:header similar to wsoap:module and a 'required'
                property. Missing attribute maps to 'false'. When 'true' 
                it means that the service expects the header to be 
                there; when 'false' then the sender decides whether it 
                should be there or not.
  Issue LC340: Comments on WSDL SOAP Binding Extension section of
               Adjuncts from WS-Addressing WG
    RESOLUTION: correct the plurals editorially, replace 0 or more with
                0 or 1.
  RDF Mapping
    Bijan/Jacek present the mapping and some of the design choices
    they've made.  Publication status discussion postponed until 
  Issue LC327: HTTP binding: {http authentication realm} is required 
    RESOLUTION: Close issue with following resolution:
      - make auth scheme and realm both optional 
      - auth scheme and auth realm properties exist together 
      - drop the value "none" from auth scheme values 
      - we use the default value of the attribute to provide the default
        value for realm (of "")
      - editorial: clean up the wording of the "Relationship to WSDL 
        Component Model" to properly use the word component and 
        property correctly and carefully. 
  Issue LC336: LC ISSUE from WSA: Clarify applicability of
               wsdx:Interface and wsdx:Binding
    RESOLUTION: Second proposal accepted (softening), plus mention WS-A
                EPRs here.
  Issue LC335: simple case of IRIs for Components in WSDL 2.0
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action.
     ACTION: DaveO to draft a response and send to the WG.
  Issue LC344: LC ISSUE: Editorial points
      1) Proposal accepted.
      2) Accept proposal to reword "Note that".
          ACTION: Editors to examine use of "Note that" and review those
                  to make sure those are not interpreted as 
                  non-normative notes.
      3) Close with no action (this paragraph has already been revised
      4) Close with no action (too disruptive at this time).
      5) Proposal:
          - remove "it is an error" 
          - copy the stuff from section 6: if things compose you might 
            get yourself in trouble
          - styles are optional extensions 
          ACTION: Arthur to draft above as a proposal to be able to 
                  close this issue
          ACTION: editors to look at sections 4.2 & 4.3 of part2 and 
                  see whether the first sentences (paragraphs) are 
          ACTION: editors to fix the first paragraph of section 4 
                  .... does not make sense at all right now.
          ACTION: Roberto to change the order of the union in the schema 
                  in 4.1.2 to match the order in the prose.
      6) Close by referring to editors for cleanup.  Arthur to edit 
         2.7.1 and capitalize feature appropriately and define "feature"
      7) Close with no action (because of precedence for IRIs)
      8) Close with no action (although we agree the comment makes 
         sense, there is no will to address it at this stage).
      9) Close by removing last sentence of paragraph 6 of section
      10) Accept proposal.
      11) Close with no action.
      12) Close with no action other than the improvements we plan to 
          make when adding test assertion markup.
          ACTION: Arthur to look for simplification options for 
                  comment 12 of 344.
      13) Closed as follows:
          ACTION: Editors to add a sentence saying {address} is 
                  optional because it could be defined by other means,
                  such as an WS-A endpoint reference or maybe the 
                  scenario does not require an address.
          ACTION: Jonathan to point his out when it gets implemented 
Tuesday 27 September
  RDF Mapping
    RESOLUTION: Publish RDF Mapping as 1st Working Draft.
  Issue LC330: WSDL 2: operation styles should mandate content model
    RESOLUTION: Proposal accepted.
  Issue LC331: WSDL 2: adjuncts description of #any msg content model
    RESOLUTION: Proposal accepted.
  Issue LC333: WSDL 2: binding defaults not component model properties?
    ACTION: Sanjiva and Roberto to investigate defaulting with
            interfaceless bindings.
  Issue LC337: fault serialization
    RESOLUTION: Close with following changes:
    - copy the content of section 2.2 of the Describing Media Types for
      Binary Content note (a product of this WG) into part two, AND 
    - point the definition of whttp:inputSerialization,
      whttp:outputSerialization, and whttp:faultSerialization at that 
      definition, AND 
    - check other references to these serialization properties to insure 
      that they do not improperly restrict serialization to a single 
      mime type. 
  Issue LC332: WSDL 2: HTTP input, output, fault serialization in the
               wrong place
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action (applauding the design, though not
                the timing.)
  Issue LC323: HTTP binding: Use of HTTP accept headers
    RESOLUTION: Accept Hugo's proposal in http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-ws-desc/2005Sep/0043.html.
  Issue LC343: Comments on Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
               Version 2.0 Part 0: Primer
    RESOLUTION: Agreed to add a note at the bottom of table that points 
                out that WSDL 2.0 is different that common 1.1 usage 
                patterns. Also adding a negative example.
  Issue LC345: POST & application/x-www-form-urlencoded Serialization
    ACTION: Editors fix "Case Elements NOT cited" in header to
            be "Case of elements NOT cited"
  Issue LC334: WSDL 2: HTTP binding error reason phrase unnecessary
    RESOLUTION: LC334 - remove the reason code from the HTTP fault
  Issue LC344: LC ISSUE: Editorial points (cont.)
    14) Accept suggested wording.
    15) Close without change: "actual value" is about XML, the component
        model is in math space. 
    16) Close with no action.
    17) Close with no action.  The majority of the WG felt it was clear
    18) Close with no action.
    19) Close with no action.  Assumption that location does not have 
        to be dereferenceable is not accurate.
    20) RESOLUTION: Thank you for the comment.
  Issue LC346: Comments from WS-A on WSDL 2.0 documents
    RESOLUTION: All typos assigned to the editors
    RESOLUTION: Editors to fix endpoint references 
    ACTION: Arthur to reword references in 5.3 to avoid confusing 
            WS-addressing endpoint references
    RESOLUTION: LC346 - #3, add WS-A reference 
  Issue LC345: 
    PARTIAL RESEOLUTION: instead of serializing XML, serialize as 
                         form-encoded, and only serialize parameters 
                         you haven't already put in the URI.
   ACTION: Hugo will write up the resolutions for review

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