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Thank you for posting this document. Reading through, I have few high
level questions for you:

(a) What are the differences between this draft and three other previous
proposals? Was it three or four? 

(b) Was this draft produced with the help of RDF or Semantic Web
Interest Group?

(c) What is your plan of action to get this reviewed and approved when
there are only two WSDL WG members from the Semantic Web domain?

(d) Are there any implementations or product plans that the WG can use
to demonstrate experience during the CR phase?

(e) Is this a 'lossy' mapping from WSDL Component Model to RDF?

(f) What are the use cases for this mapping? What are the use cases for
Appendix B, 'WSDL Files to RDF'? Does the Semantic Web community need

Thank you for answering these questions.

PS: like many folks, I know nothing about Semantic Web concepts.


Asir S Vedamuthu

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Hi all, 

with apologies for sending it so late before the f2f, attached is a
draft of the RDF mapping document. It currently contains textual
description of the ontology (minus the bindings) and the differences
from the component model, and the full ontology source.

There will be a presentation tomorrow, by Bijan or me, going through the
structure and intent of the document, and the group members may find it
helpful to go through the document along with the presentation.

The text is mostly in draft status, and any and all comments will be
welcome - on the content, structure or intent of the spec. 8-)

You can see some todos in the ontology, and there are also HTML comments
in the text of the document, in case you are really interested. 8-)

Best regards,

Jacek Kopecky

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