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RE: Yahoo! WebService WSDL

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:22:02 -0800
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To: "Michael Salisbury" <salisbur@yahoo-inc.com>, <www-ws-desc@w3.org>


Thanks for your interest in WSDL 2.0.  In regard to your chicken-and-egg
problem, that is part of the process this Working Group goes through to
produce a finished spec. We're in "Last Call" stage which means we're
responding to public comments and making corresponding fixes in the WSDL
2.0 spec.  After that we enter "Candidate Recommendation" phase which we
use to resolve our own chicken-and-egg dilemma - verifying the spec
through implementation while maintaining a stable enough spec to
implement.  Part of that phase will likely be some early WSDL 2.0 tools
and other implementations.  This process gradually shifts the balance
from spec to implementations, and the end goal we all hope for is a
solid, stable, implementable spec and lots of high-quality
implementations.  We're just not at the end of that process yet.

- Jonathan

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> Subject: Yahoo! WebService WSDL
> Hi all,
> I'm an engineer on the Yahoo! WebServices team.  As you may know we
> recently launched some webservices at http://developer.yahoo.net.
> We've got a set of REST APIs for accessing various search results.
> While we do have a schema for the result XML for the calls, we have no
> such specification for the requests.  David Orchard proposed a WSDL
> 2.0 spec for one of the services at
> http://www.pacificspirit.com/blog/2005/03/02/yahoo_search_web_service_
> in_wsdl_20
> I'd love to be able to support a spec like this, but we've got a
> chicken-and-egg problem.  It's difficult to produce WSDL files when
> I've got no tools to verify that they're accurate, and it's difficult
> to build WSDL tools when there are no examples to try them on.
> So I've come here in hopes of breaking the stalemate.  How would you
> recommend we produce and maintain WSDL specs for our services?  Are
> there tools for generating and verifying such specs?  Are there tools
> for creating client stubs for calling services with WSDL specs?
> Remember, these are HTTP REST APIs, not SOAP.
> Thanks!
> -- Mike Salisbury
>    Yahoo! WebServices
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