LC124 Options

I enclose options for resolving LC124, based upon Paul Downey's note at
[1].  I list excluded options in separate list at the end.  Please let
me know anything I've missed or should be changed


In all cases, ignoreUnknowns is an optional attribute or element.  A
true value indicates whether Schema types are to be interpreted as
specified at [2] for the purposes of validation.


1. Schema annotation






Pro: A Schema annotation allows this mode of processing to be used
outside of the WSDL context.  


Con: A WSDL processor may be simpler to implement if the processing
model is specified outside the context of Schema.  What is the scope of
allowable annotatins?


2. WSDL Types extension

<wsdl:types wsdx:ignoreUnknowns>


Pro: Minimal syntax and solution.


Con: May not be sufficiently flexible or powerful.


3. Extension on each child of wsdl:types


   <xs:import wsdx:ignoreUnknowns/>


Pro: Allows medium grained control over types


Con: Medium grained control - perhaps too much or too little?


4. New WSDL Type element




Pro: Minimal syntax and solution


Con: May not be sufficiently flexible or powerful


5. Feature

<interface name="ns1:Bank">

   <feature uri="http://@@ignoreUnknowns" required="true"/>


Pro: Re-use of the F&P syntax, processing model and extensibility


Con: May not need entire F&P model, may not get implemented in WSDL
processors that do not implement F&P


6. Interface (I), Binding(B), Endpoint(E), Operation(O), Message(M)


<interface wsdx:ignoreUnknowns/>

<operation wsdx:ignoreUnknowns/>


Pro: Fine grained control over application of processing model, 


Con: May re-invent part of F&P extensibility model, especially for



Excluded options


1. ignoreUnknowns is the rule


2. Same rules as above, but with ignoreUnknowns as the default











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