Re: IBM Interest in the WSDL 2.0 RDF Mapping


I'm very sorry to hear that you are having health problems. Why not let 
Jacek go ahead and write the first draft? He seems very eager to do this 
and DERI certainly is a credible advocate of semantic Web technology.

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07/28/2005 06:12 AM

Jacek Kopecky <>
Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, WS-Description WG <>
Re: IBM Interest in the WSDL 2.0 RDF Mapping

Sorry to have missed this.

The problems with progress have largely been personal, i.e., I've been 
having health problems since January. Internally, we are looking to 
supplement my work on it and I really have been sort of passively 
blocking Jacek from making progress (in spite of his pestering). Sorry.

In short, as soon as I can pull myself together, I think progress will 
pick up inspite me.


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