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Minutes, 20-21 July 2005 WS Description FTF

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 12:14:33 -0700
Message-ID: <7DA77BF2392448449D094BCEF67569A50854F02B@RED-MSG-30.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
To: <www-ws-desc@w3.org>
Encl.  [Please verify attendance list!]  Summary follows:

Wed 20 July
 Future FTFs:
  Sept 29-30 Bay Area(host TBD)
  Nov 9-11 Tokyo (Hitachi)

  ACTION: Editors to incorporate amended proposal from Jonathan as
          regards LC75f resolution (attributes for RPC).
  ACTION: Marsh to respond to all comments.

  ACTION: Part two editors to incorporate text for section on security 
          considerations, as approved

  ACTION: Arthur to investigate LC91/96 and Noah's proposed rewording

  RESOLUTION: No action

 Hugo notes a bug re: soapAction
  ACTION: editors to clarify that setting wsoap:action sets the soap 
          action property on all messages in operation.

  RESOLUTION: LC72 to be returned to objector with the summary agreed;
              if faults aren't characterized, then we can't usefully 
              offer further guidance in the specification

  ACTION: editors to incorporate the proposed text from Noah for LC96
          into section 4.2 of part one.

  ACTION: editors to replace "with some additional restrictions" in
          section 3.1.1 by "with the differences defined in this and 
          the following section."
  ACTION: Marsh to reply to Noah about LC91(?) saying that our spec 
          already covers his concern

  ACTION: dorchard to respond to commenter on keeping mustUnderstand

Thur 21 July
  RESOLUTION: Close with no action; there may be formal objections; the
              WG may pursue this topic within the context of a separate
  ACTION: pauld to write a proposal for a working group report for
          requirements for schema evolution following closure of LC124

  ACTION: Editors of Part 2 to implement 1a (error if mustUnderstand 
          conflicts with schema def)
  RESOLUTION: Proposal accepted: "{mustUnderstand} REQUIRED. A 
              xs:boolean. When its value is "true", the SOAP header 
              block MUST be decorated with a SOAP mustUnderstand 
              attribute information item with a value of "true". 
              Otherwise, no additional constraint is placed on the 
              presence and value of a SOAP mustUnderstand attribute 
              information item.

 Last Call:
  RESOLUTION: Publish core, adjuncts, primer, soap 1.1 binding as LC
  	        (ending 19 Sept.)

 Alternative Schema Languages note:
  ACTION: amy to write abstract for alt schema languages and to do some
          cleanup under jonathan's direction
  ACTION: editors of note to add references to wsdl documents (RNG,
  RESOLUTION: publish document as a wg note after some editorial work

 Common Schema Structures:
  Tabled until Sept. FTF.

 Formal Objections:
  ACTION: amy to withdraw Tibco's participation from the formal 
          objection on the ONR
  ACTION: arthur to review the status of IBM's formal objection to 
          the ONR
  ACTION: jonathan to review the status of Microsoft's formal 
          objection to the ONR

 Test Assertions:
  RESOLUTION: Each assertion will be marked up in the spec with a stable
  [ACTION: Arthur to add stable identifiers for each assertion.]

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