Proposal to Add Markup for Constraints (aka Test Assertions)

We are going to discuss the Test Suite tomorrow. As preparation for the 
discussion, I want to propose that the editors add markup to the specs for 
contraints. The reason for this proposal is to provide a normative list of 
constraints that WSDL 2.0 documents, messages, and exchanges must satisfy. 
This list would lets us assess the coverage of our Test Suite. It would 
also provide standard identifies that validators could use in error 

The precedent for this markup is the XSD spec, e.g. [1] is a list of 
constrainsts. Each contraint links to part of the spec, e.g. [2]

The precise syntax and rendering of the markup is an editorial work item 
which I volunteer to do. The existing text in the spec would be tagged and 
a summary table would be generated and added as an appendix. Some minor 
editing might be required. We should provide this list as input to the CR 


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Received on Wednesday, 20 July 2005 18:13:59 UTC