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I now undertand the confusion. In your example, you give an XML instance 
document, ExampleSchemaHierarchy.xml, that contains elements declared in 
the other schemas. In that case there is no need for an xs:import.

That is not what we are talking about in the WSDL 2.0 spec. There we are 
taking about refering to element declarations via QNames.

When a WSDL document refers to an element declaration by QName, for 
example to declare the messages in an operation, then it must have an 
xs:import for the namespace of the element it is refering to. This is just 
like in XSD when you build up a new element declaration from other element 

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Whoops - Example is invalid  upate attached

Hi David, Arthur,
In my haste, I found that I had incorporated and invalid type declaration.
In the attached, I've corrected it.
Thanks !
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