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Re: Minority objection to requiring unique GEDs or required feature to distinguish operations

From: Mark Baker <distobj@acm.org>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 23:01:14 -0400
To: Amelia A Lewis <alewis@tibco.com>
Cc: WS-Description WG <www-ws-desc@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20040915030114.GD2211@markbaker.ca>

On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 01:25:29PM -0400, Amelia A Lewis wrote:
> On Sep 14, 2004, at 1:16 PM, Mark Baker wrote:
> >On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 01:07:13PM -0400, Amelia A Lewis wrote:
> >>>But finally, without the requirement, one cannot tell whether two
> >>>different services with the same binding use the same dispatch
> >>>mechanism
> >>>or not, if one is not explicitly mentioned. I'm slightly uneasy about
> >>>this.
> >>
> >>On the other hand, this gives me warm fuzzies.  The dispatch mechanism
> >>(or mechanisms) used by the service are probably not properly the
> >>interest of the users of the service.
> >
> >I think this is the crux of the disagreement.  IMO, that information
> >is critical.  Without it, there is no contract.
> I couldn't disagree more.

It must be the crux then! 8-)

>  With it, the contract has been fouled with 
> extraneous information that enforces implementation decisions on the 
> service that shouldn't be exposed, much less enforced for the long 
> term.

Hmm, well do you realize that every interface definition language I'm
familiar with, including OMG/ISO IDL, MIDL, RMI remote interfaces, DCE
IDL, and every application protocol ever created, has been similarly
"fouled"?  They each define a dispatch mechanism.  So I think we're on
pretty safe ground requiring it be unambiguous.

FWIW though, I was just thinking that if it were specified that an
agent processing the WSDL should interpret the absence of this
information as being semantically equivalent to the information being
unrecognized, then that would be sufficient to address my concerns.
Does that synch with your view?

Mark Baker.   Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.        http://www.markbaker.ca
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