HTTP binding's MEP use description

I got an action item yesterday, in light of our discssion around the
binding of our MEPs, to make sure that there was appropriate text for
each of the MEPs claimed to be supported.

Based on our previous discussion[1], the HTTP binding supports 6 MEPs
(In-Only, Robust In-Only, In-Out, Out-Only, Robust Out-Only, Out-In).
It is not specifically specified how those map to HTTP request and
responses. I would propose adding the following clarification:

    Each of the supported MEPs involve one to two messages or faults
    being exchanged. The first is transmitted using an HTTP request,
    and the second is transmitted using the corresponding HTTP
    response. In cases where only one message is being sent, the
    message body of the HTTP response MUST be empty.

While reviewing this text, I noticed that section 3.7 "Specifying HTTP
Error Codes for Faults" talks about HTTP error code sent by the
service. Because of the out-first MEPs, we should remove "by the
service", as it could be done by the client.



Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Friday, 12 November 2004 19:10:15 UTC