Summary, 4-5 March 2004 WS Description WG FTF

Web Service Description Group
Minutes, FTF meeting 4-5 Mar 2004
Cannes-Mandelieu, hosted by W3C.



  WSDL Component Designators
    ACTION:  Editors to add back the WSDL Component Designators back 
             to the spec as SHOULD.

  Issue 79: How much validation?
    RESOLUTION: Add conformance section with:
          1) document conformance: conform to schema, etc.
          2) infoset conformance 
          3) processor conformance (accepts any conformant WSDL,
             types, exts, Jacek's proposal)
    ACTION: Editors to incorporate the above proposal to issue 79.
    ACTION: DBooth to propose specific changes needed for processor
            conformance text.

  Issue 112: Headers at the abstract level
    RESOLUTION: Close this issue. Open another one to decide 
                whether there should be a single header vs 
                multiple headers (or both).

  Issue 109: WSDL versioning
    RESOLUTION: Joint TF with Schema and WSDL to investigate whether 
                there may be mechanisms developed. 
    RESOLUTION: Close the issue. 
    ACTION:   Primer to include best practices and the Schema group to 
              review the best practices language.

  Issue 140: Version attribute
    RESOLUTION: Close the issue with no action. 

  Joint Session with TAG
    - Saying more about QName mapping
    - Error recovery vs. not having to "validate" parts of the doc not
      used or examined by a processor.
    - Comparison of XML namespaces with Schema and WSDL namespaces.
    - Cracking a component designator URI.
    - Operation safety? (Issue 117)

  Issue 117:
    Undecided whether to expose safety as a component model property
    or a (feature) property.


  Issue 124: Semantics of mandatory properties and features
    ACTION: Editors to clarify the spec to say that wsdl:required 
            attribute means that a feature must be understood and 
            it must be engaged.
    RESOLUTION: Issue 124 closed

  Issue 149: Duplicate features with conflicting @required
    ACTION: Editors to clarify that the strongest value of the 
            @wsdl:required attribute wins.
    RESOLUTION: issue 149 closed

  Issue 134: Proposal for adding Compositors
    Formal vote: 9 against, 4 for.
    RESOLUTION: Issue closed with No Action.
    Sun, Canon, Oracle, Sonic plan to file minority opinion.

  Issue 121: Broken resolution of NCNAME or QNAME
    ACTION: Editors to add clarification text with regards to issue 
    RESOLUTION: Issue 121 closed.

  Issue 92: Layering message patterns
    RESOLUTION: issue 92 closed without action

  Issue 133: Why aren't two input/output elements allowed to share 
             the same @element value? 
    RESOLUTION: issue 133 closed (this is intentional)

    ACTION: Editors to write in the spec the wsdlLocation global 
            attribute proposal along what has been done for 
    RESOLUTION: close the wsdlLocation attribute and add a wsdlLocation
                global attribute.

  Issue 120: Operation Name feature proposal
    Formal vote: 6 against, 4 for.
    RESOLUTION: closed issue 120 by not taking any action.
    May be minority opinions filed.

  Issue 117: Marking operations as 'safe' [19]
    ACTION: Editor to add optional Boolean "safe" attribute to
            interface operation, corresponding property in the
            component model.
    RESOLUTION: close issue 117 with action to editor to add 
                an optional boolean safe attribute to interface 
    ACTION: DavidO to notify TAG about our decision.

  Issue 123: Requiring all operations to be bound 
    ACTION: Editors to further clarify the spec to make clear that 
            all operations must be bound.
    RESOLUTION: Editors to add further clarify the spec to make 
                clear that all operations must be bound.

  Issue 127: Behavior if import/include fails
    ACTION: Editors to clarify the spec to say that its ok to have 
            bad imports but if during QName resolution you can't 
            find something then it fails like any other qname 
            resolution issue.
    ACTION: Editors to update draft to say that include will fail
    RESOLUTION: close issue 127 by saying that its ok to have bad 
                imports but if during QName resolution you can't 
                find something then it fails like any other qname
                resolution issue.
    RESOLUTION: include will fail early (immediately).

  Issue 128: Two imports for the same namespace illegal?
    ACTION: Editors to add text saying two imports with same 
            import/@targetNamespace is legal]
    NEW ISSUE: Allowing imports for the same namespace as 
               the targetNamespace of the importing document.
    RESOLUTION: Editor to add to spec to explicitly allow >2 imports 
                from same ns.

  Issue 129: Allow multiple values for import/include locations
    RESOLUTION: for issue 129: not make import/include take a list 
                of URIs. close with no action.

  Issue 114: Name of wsoap:fault/@name
    RESOLUTION: reassign 114 to part 3

  Name attribute consistency
    ACTION: GlenD and Sanjiva to come up with a proposal for consistent
            naming between identifiers (@name) and references
    NEW ISSUE: check name attribute consistency.

  Issue 126: Confusion between binding and element names
    RESOLUTION: Close issue 126 with no action

  Issue 131: Treatment of optional extensions
    ACTION: Editors to clarify that if an optional extension (i.e., 
            an extension not marked as required) is not understood 
            it MUST be ignored. Any not understood extension 
            attributes MUST be ignored.
    RESOLUTION: close issue 131 as proposed and clarified above

  Issue 139: Non-deterministic schema
    RESOULTION: Close issue 139 by changing the content model of
                wsdl:definitions to be <xs:any namespace='##any' 
                minOccurs='0' maxOccurs='unbounded' />.
    ACTION: Editors (namely Gudge and Roberto) to update the schema and 
            the spec accordingly.

  Issue 148: Double check URI comparison algorithm and relative 
               URI use
    RESOLUTION: Change all URIs EXCEPT import/@location and 
              include/@location to absolute URIs at the XML document 
    ACTION: Editors to change spec to require absolute URIs and 
            indicate that comparison must be done character-by-
            character as per TAG finding.

  Issue 115: Improving on-the-wire conformance
    RESOLUTION: Schedule for resolution next week.

  Issue 135: WSDL Specification readability 
    RESOLUTION: schedule for resolution next week based on 
                proposed examples.

  Issue 104 Appendix E cleanup (using alternate type systems) 
    RESOLUTION: close issue, covered by other issues.

  Issue 97: Schema language for SOAP encoding 
    ACTION: Asir will send comments to list.
    RESOLUTION: Reassign issue to part 3.

  Issue 106: Using RDF in WSDL 
    RESOLUTION: reassign 106 to RDF mapping

  Issue 111: Simplified syntax?  
    RESOLUTION: Close issue 111 with no action

  Media Type Description
    RESOLUTION: Adopt Umit's proposal as a base for a note on
                representing media types in schema.
    ACTION: Jonathan to send a note to XMLP, asking them for 
            volunteers for editors.
    RESOLUTION: Umit appointed as WSD WG Editor on note.
    ACTION: Editors of media type proposal to give Jonathan a list of 
            open issues.

  RDF Mapping
    RESOLUTION: Bijan appointed as RDF Mapping editor.

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