Editorial for Part 1 section 2.18

"2.18 QName resolution

In its serialized form WSDL makes significant use of references between 
components. Such references are made using the Qualified Name, or 
QName, of the component being referred to. QNames are a tuple, 
consisting of two parts; a namespace name and a local name. For 
example, in the case of an Interface component, the namespace name is 
represented by the {namespace name} property and the local name is 
represented by the {name} property."

I can't find any {namespace name} *property* (component). Perhaps it is 
the {targetNamespace}?

I see lots of references to [namespace name] Infoset properties.

Ah, I see in 2.17:

"Within a symbol space, all qualified names (that is, the combination 
of {name} and {target namespace} properties) are unique. Between symbol 
spaces, the combination of these two properties need not be unique. 
Thus it is perfectly coherent to have, for example, a binding and an 
interface that have the same name."

This suggests that it is {targetNamespace}.

Bijan Parsia.

Received on Tuesday, 3 August 2004 05:53:14 UTC