using RDF (OWL) in WSDL

Hi all,

I was tasked to check how RDF statements (including OWL statements)
could be represented in WSDL. Here's what I found:

RDF defines two XML elements which can be used to contain RDF statements
- rdf:RDF and rdf:Description. As far as I can see, no XML Schema for
these elements (I've found only one at [1]) puts them into any of the
substitution groups for WSDL extensibility elements; therefore these
elements cannot be used as WSDL extensibility elements.

As I think RDF statements should be embedded in WSDL using extensibility
elements, I propose that we create an element wsdl:rdfDescription in the
substitution group globalExt. The semantics of this element would be the
same as of 

<rdf:Description rdf:about="URIref to the current WSDL component">...


<wsdl:message name="Foo">
    <ns:responsibleArchitect rdf:resource=""/>

In English, the architect responsible for the WSDL message Foo is me.

What do you think?

                   Jacek Kopecky

                   Senior Architect
                   Systinet Corporation

Received on Tuesday, 27 May 2003 11:59:27 UTC