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CFP: International Journal of Web Services (IJWS)

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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 22:33:38 +1100
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> ===============
> International Journal of Web Services (IJWS)
> --------------------------------------------
> ISSN (PRINT): 1741-1106 ISSN (ONLINE): 1741-1114 
> A Publication of Inderscience Publishers (www.inderscience.com)
> The International Journal of Web Services proposes and fosters discussion
> on web service technology with a focus on its application, emphasising
> issues of architecture, implementation, and standardisation. This
> perspective acknowledges the complexity and challenges developers are
> currently faced with when designing and deploying web service based
> solutions. As one cornerstone of web service technology, the journal will
> also include topics on standardisation with special emphasis on in-depth
> analysis of practical applications of existing standards as well as
> proposals for general solutions to still-missing pieces.
> The objectives of the journal are to establish an effective channel of
> communication between decision makers, academic and research institutions
> and persons concerned with the practical deployment of web services in
> industry. It also aims to promote and coordinate developments in the field
> of web services. By tackling issues of current research, standardisation,
> and deployment, it brings together people from both academia and industry.
> By allowing them to share new ideas and exchange best practice approaches,
> it creates a vital resource for both to drive future work and leverage web
> service usage. The international dimension is emphasised in order to
> overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of
> accelerating technological and ecological change and changes in the global
> economy.
> The journal provides a vehicle to help industry professionals, academics,
> researchers and decision makers, working in the field of web service
> technology, engineering and standardisation, to disseminate information
> and to learn from each others' work.
> The journal publishes original papers, review papers, technical reports,
> new specification proposals, case studies, conference reports, management
> reports, book reviews, notes, commentaries, and news. Special Issues
> devoted to important topics in web service technology will occasionally be
> published. 
> SCOPE: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
> - Web service architectures 
> - Service oriented architectures 
> - Web service security 
> - Deployment of web service-based solutions in large organisations 
> - Case studies describing web service projects 
> - Deployment and appraisal of current standardisation 
> - Business processes based on web services 
> - Web services in B2B and B2Bi 
> - Practical applications of Grid computing 
> - Missing standards of all layers of the web service stack 
> - Performance issues 
> - Security mechanisms, especially their cross-platform interoperability 
> - Integration of web services into existing infrastructures 
> - Legacy systems wrapping and integration based on web services 
> - Cross-organisational collaborations based on web services
> Papers and queries should be submitted to: 
> Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Liang-Jie Zhang 
> e-Business Solutions & Autonomic Computing Dept. 
> IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, 1101 Kitchawan Road, Route 134, 
> Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA
> Tel: 914-945-3976
> E-mail: zhanglj@us.ibm.com
> Please see the Inderscience website www.inderscience.com for guide for
> authors and sample of requirements for the submission of papers.
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